Dynamics 365 Sitemap Designer

Author: Zohaib Uddin Khan

Let’s discuss about the new feature ‘Sitemap Designer’ introduced in the Dynamics 365. The Site Map Designer is a visual way to create/update your sitemap either default sitemap or sitemap of your Dynamics 365 App.

Prerequisites: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2016 Update 1


  • You can see all the Apps associated with the your ‘Dynamics 365’ organization. Click on the ‘Sales’ tile:


  • If you look at the ‘URL’, you can notice that there is a new query string parameter as ‘appid’ and this ‘appid’ will play a major role. Based on this value, you can see different App (with associated Sitemap) and definitely less entities (but still remember through Advance Find you can).


  • Let’s remove the query string parameter ‘appid’ from the URL and hit on enter. You can notice, sitemap start showing you all the stuff. At this point, it is rendering the default Sitemap.


  • Now, go to Settings > Customization > Customize the System. Click on ‘Client Extension’ and you can notice there are more than one sitemap exists. Number of sitemaps are equal to the number of Apps your Dynamics 365 organization has plus 1 (this 1 is the default sitemap).


  • Double click on the ‘Sales App Site Map’ and you can see the Sitemap Designer Canvas.


  • Let’s create a new Area, group and Subarea by making a clone of ‘Sales’ tile. Select ‘Sales’ tile and click on the ‘Clone’ button.


  • I have done the following after that:
    • Rename ‘Sales-Copy’ to ‘Custom’.
    • Drag ‘Custom’ tile after the ‘Training’ tile.
    • Select ‘Sales’ group, not the ‘Sales’ tile and click on ‘Delete’ button.
    • Select ‘Marketing’ group and click on ‘Delete’ button.
    • Select ‘Goals’ group and click on ‘Delete’ button.


  • Now, click on ‘Save’ button and you can notice on the Top Right it is available as ‘Draft’. Then, click on ‘Publish’ button.


  • Go back to your ‘Sales’ App in your Dynamics 365 organization and new Area/Group/Subarea is visible. Viola!!



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