Show D365 Sales data into D365 Operation

The first solution comes to mind is to use iFrame and easy peasy¬†life. But, hold on Mr. Consultant!! iFrame approach is not the supported. ūüė¶

  1. So, the supported approach for such requirement is to use the Dynamics CRM SDK (using Web services) and show the data into the temporary tables or controls in D365 Operation or Financials. The effort of this approach is quite intense and need a good understanding of  D365 Sales and D365 Operation is needed.
  2. Another approach is using Common Data Service. Very powerful, but not very flexible. Give a try to this one first, if you got stuck then use the Option # 1.
  3. Another approach is using the pre-built Flow Templates. Easy to implement, robust and less onboarding time for a new comer. When you are working with this option, actually you’re utilizing the Common Data service at the backend.


My take on this is to go with Option # 3. FYI, I’m also learning about PowerApps and Flow at the moment, so I’ll keep updating this article with the passage of time.

Qualify Lead dialog box in Dynamics 365 Sales

One of my clients is migrating from Dynamics CRM 2011 to Dynamics 365 Sales and Qualify Lead dialog box is missing. Since this feature is not anymore available from CRM 2013 and onwards, but Client is Client and after all, they are our bread and butter. Having said that, I need to provide an intuitive and robust solution to mitigate it. So, here we go:

  1. We can select the existing contact and account directly in the lead record. If none of the value is selected, an Account and a Contact gets created.
  2. Create a new workflow/dialog, create a new custom button, on the click of button call newly created workflow/dialog from a JavaScript web resource.
  3. Create a new HTML web resource which is similar to existing Convert Lead dialog box. Create a new custom button and call your newly created HTML web resource.

If you take my advice, I would recommend going with Option # 1 as it has less effort and everything is available Out-of-box. Thanks.