D365: Limitations of Duplicate Detection Rules

Author: Zohaib Uddin Khan

Duplicate detection is one of the old and powerful feature of Dynamics family. But, I found it has some major limitations and inconsistency. I tried to use them in every implementation but reach to a point where I decided not to use them is my best bet. Anyhow, following are the ones which bother me heaps:-

  • Duplicate detection works with Dynamics 365 for tablets, but isn’t available for Dynamics 365 for phones.
  • Duplicates can’t be detected when a user converts a lead and it will create Account/Contact automatically.
  • Duplicates also aren’t detected when a user changes the status of a record, such as activating or reactivating it.
  • Maximum 5 Duplicate detection rules under Published state per Entity.

In case, if you found or know any other then feel free to comment and I will update the post. Cheers!