D365: Limitations of Duplicate Detection Rules

Author: Zohaib Uddin Khan

Duplicate detection is one of the old and powerful feature of Dynamics family. But, I found it has some major limitations and inconsistency. I tried to use them in every implementation but reach to a point where I decided not to use them is my best bet. Anyhow, following are the ones which bother me heaps:-

  • Duplicate detection works with Dynamics 365 for tablets, but isn’t available for Dynamics 365 for phones.
  • Duplicates can’t be detected when a user converts a lead and it will create Account/Contact automatically.
  • Duplicates also aren’t detected when a user changes the status of a record, such as activating or reactivating it.
  • Maximum 5 Duplicate detection rules under Published state per Entity.

In case, if you found or know any other then feel free to comment and I will update the post. Cheers!

4 thoughts on “D365: Limitations of Duplicate Detection Rules

  1. Every project finally has that tipping point where we are forced to switch to server side rules for duplicate detection and cleaner data.
    Of late, I prefer to set up alternate keys as a way to eliminate duplicate data.
    As these basically create an unique key in the database. And boom, no coding required!


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