After UR5 or UR6, Ribbon, iFrame or SubGrid stop working!


Last week, we apply Update Rollup 5 (UR 5) on our MS Dynamics CRM 2011 system which already has Update Rollup 3. According to the UR 5, you can apply UR5 without having UR4 as well. But, keep one thing in mind that you can’t roll back UR5 on your system. If you’re interested to roll back then make a back up of your system.

Anyways, the real problem faced by us after appling UR5 is that, Ribbon, iFrame and SubGrid stop working at our end.

  1. Ribbon is totally unavailable(hidden) on any of the entity creation or updation forms.
  2. iFrame is available, but content is not visible.
  3. Subgrid is also not showing on the form.

After that we also applied Update Rollup 6 (UR6) as well, but case remains the same.


  1. Replace the ‘{DynamicsCRMInstallationDirectory}\CRMWeb\main.aspx’ with the file located at ‘CRM2011-Server-KB2600640-ENU-amd64.exe\server_kb2600640_amd64_1033.msp\main.aspx’. For extraction of the ‘*.exe’ files, kindly use 7-Zip or any other extraction tool.
  2. In our case ‘main.aspx’ works, but that’s not necessary in every scenario. Sometimes, you need to replace      ‘{DynamicsCRMInstallationDirectory}\CRMWeb\_static\_common\scripts\Global.js’ with the file located at ‘CRM2011-Server-KB2600640-ENU-amd64.exe\server_kb2600640_amd64_1033.msp\Global.js’.

*CRM2011-Server-KB2600640-ENU-amd64.exe = CRM 2011 Server Update Rollup 6

REASON For this Issue:

After doing some RnD, I figure it out that someone try to make changes in the ‘main.aspx’ or ‘global.js’. Even, any Developer or someone else open these files to check the code, what’s written over there can produce this problem as well. I also noticed that after appling the UR5 or UR6, ‘main.aspx’ or ‘global.js’ are not modified with the UR5 or UR6 files. Why because someone out-of-his-curiosity-interested to check what code is written by MS Geeks!

Long story short, Case resolved and Closed, and party begins!


4 thoughts on “After UR5 or UR6, Ribbon, iFrame or SubGrid stop working!

  1. @Peter:

    I’m glad its works for you. Btw, can you please share with us which files you replaced and have you done any unsupported changes in them or not?

    Please if possible mark the post on Microsoft forum as Answered.



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