Dynamics 365 v9: Limitations Of Unified Interface

AuthorZohaib Uddin Khan

Version:  Dynamics 365 v9

On the other day, I had a conversation with Andrew Ly (MVP) and he shared with me that there are a couple of well-known functionalities which are not available in Unified Interface. Then, I started looking into this matter and I was just stunned!!

Limitations of Unified Interface:

  • Advanced Find is missing (Global as well as on the list views).
  • Bulk Update records by selecting two or more records is not available.
  • Run Workflow is missing in a view.
  • No filters available on columns in a view.
    • After adding ‘Editable Grid’ control, filter feature will be available.
  • Run Report is missing from view.
  • Bulk Delete is missing in a view.
  • Quick create for Activities and Custom entities is not available.
  • Sitemap Designer behavior is not consistent. I configuredCampaign, Quick Campaign and Work order, but they are not appearing in the App while browsing.
  • [Misunderstanding, my bad!] Through App/Sitemap Designer, I didn’t expose the ‘Case’ entity. But, ‘Case’ entity is marked for ‘Quick Create’ and Security role has the access to it. So, I can create the case record through ‘Quick Create’ button. Make sure Security role is updated for the App accordingly.

I’ll keep updating this list based on new findings. Ciao!

Dynamics 365 Session and inactivity timeout

Author: Zohaib Uddin Khan

Version:  Dynamics 365 v8.1 and onwards


In this blog, we will be discussing two features which are available under Dynamics 365 – Settings – Administration – System Settings

  • User session timeout
    • A user is not required to log in with their credentials for up to 24 hours regardless of whether the user was active or inactive.
  • Inactivity timeout
    • A user can remain logged in the application until the session timeout expires.

Both of the above features can have custom values set by System Administrators.

Limitation of Inactivity timeout:

In the following cases, inactivity timeout wouldn’t get enforce:-

  1. Dynamics 365 for Outlook
  2. Dynamics 365 for phones and Dynamics 365 for tablets
  3. Unified Service Desk client using WPF browser (Internet Explorer is supported)
  4. Live Assist (Chat)

More information can be read here.



Dynamics 365 Portal – Access Denied on all pages

Author: Zohaib Uddin Khan

Credit to this Solution: Chid


I’m browsing the ‘Dynamics 365 Portal’ Homepage and I’m always redirected to Login page. I even tried to directly access the Images/JavaScript/CSS files, but still redirected to Login page.


Since I come from web development background, so restart the portal and clear cache of the browser are my first bet. And, I highly recommend doing that in case you are experiencing absurd behavior. But, in my case, the problem didn’t get solved. Luckily, I found a thread on MS Community forum where I found the solution:

  • Do ‘Advanced Find’ the entity ‘Publishing States’.
  • Open the ‘Published’ record for your portal. In one Dynamics 365 organization, the number of ‘Published’ records is equal to the number of portals configured.
  • Make sure IsVisible and IsDefault are checked as shown below:


Dynamics Portal 365 – Resolving Errors

Reached office, grabbed the hot latte and I was informed that Dynamics Portal 365 is not working. Bummer!!

So the exception is,


Since I don’t have the Psychic powers, so I start looking into more descriptive and informative exception log. In order to find more information about the exception, you have to ‘Disable Custom Errors’ for the portal.

Following are the Steps to do:-

  • Log in with your Global Administrator to Dynamics 365 Administration Center > Applications.
  • Select your Portal application and click on ‘Manage’ button.


  • Click on ‘Portal Actions’ and ‘Disable Custom Errors’


  • Browse your Dynamics 365 Portal and viola!!